Sometimes the first thing you need is a second opinion.

Brand strategy

We develop brands using many approaches: market analysis, analysis of the brand’s current state, brand strategy, crystallising brand value proposition. We employ tried and tested processes and tools to support our main value-adding item – thinking and iteration.

For Startups

We are intimately familiar with startups. We understand a startup is not a miniature corporation. Our people have personal experience of the different phases of a startup – and a growth company.

Brand Proposition -clinic

We’ll conduct an inspiring, effective strategy development round – either when there is no defined, documented strategy – or when the present strategy needs renewal due to changes in competitive or market changes. We’ll challenge, inform and provide a framework for your executive board.

  1. Background info

    Interviews with key personnel to gather base information

  2. Workshop

    In Workshop we make important findings, crystallise ideas and create vision

  3. Purku ja työnjako

    Havainnot ja löydökset puretaan toimenpiteiksi

  4. Check-up

    Follow and guide the process with monthly check-ups

Training package

Business numbers

Training package


Training package



Value proposition clinic


Brand clinic
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