2nd Opinion is a specialist boutique that helps its customers grow the value of their brands, the attractiveness of their product, service and business concepts, and the effectiveness of their sales, marketing and communications.

Our services are clustered around competitive strategy, brand strategy and growth – also for startups, in which we have a lot of experience. We operate in a flexible, networked way, and are able to assemble a team of experts to match customer needs.

Our approach to business and brand development is international – we have plenty of hands-on experience in taking brands to international markets, and our excellent network of experts supports us as needs arise.

Auditing and sparring

A company needs many partners and collaborators on the road to success. The supply of candidates is both broad and deep, and choosing the right ones can be difficult. The right choices can open the right doors, speed up growth and ease the attainment of goals significantly. The wrong ones will carry costs in energy, time, money, and lost opportunities. We’ll help you choose new partners or evaluate present ones. We can also coordinate, direct and run the network of partners as needed.

We offer our full range of expertise to you to grow and develop your business. This can take the form of a well defined project with a clear objective, a time frame and deliverable(s). Another possibility is for us to act as a more permanent resource.  This would entail defining a longer term growth objective and a roadmap to measure our impact and goal attainment. We can take a role in renewing your business, creating ideas or new growth opportunities  – or in executing these.

Has the time come to reassess your assumptions? Is your growth stagnated, is it about to hit a plateau – or could you simply do even better? We’ll run a process of business strategy development and  provide an inspiring sparring partner to executive boards. There might not be a documented strategy at all – or the present one is seen as in need of renewal, as the market or the competition have changed. We’ll also provide for crafting strategy communications, of executing on a strategy.  We are big believers in commercial, practical strategies.

Daily Leadership

Right partners 85%
Need to ad resources 42%
Budget control 63%
Pivotpoint 43%


Right strategy 83%
Right market 87%
Smooth processes 78%
Strong brand 92%

Change management

Are you seeking growth of more profitable clients in new markets? We can help you identify the challenges the new opportunities pose – the different client needs and preferences, the competition. We can act as part of your team, both as a planning resource or as an implementing resource. We’ll employ our international network to recognise he right partners, identify the right distribution channels, and help you in negotiations. You can hire us to plan for and execute an internationalisation project.

2nd Opinion Internationalisation boot camp is about producing a plan for an export market. With you, we’ll recognise market opportunities, analyse the competitive situation, and make informed choices about target markets and products to be launched. A sharp focus is essential for success in international business, as competition is ever harder. We’ll look into profitability calculations and produce a risk analysis. The camp contents and duration are tailored for the participants’ needs. We interview all the participating companies for this purpose.

There is enough of everything. Often, there is too much of it. In an environment of chaotic oversupply, every brand should be able to provide therapy in the form of clarity to its customers. A lucid, relevant, appealing proposition is a critical instrument in creating clarity and building a strong position. We’ll create a brand value proposition with you in our one-day clinic. We use a tried-and-tested, practical method.

Bring your team and strengthen your abilities and create the conditions to successfully build a brand. On this two day clinic, we’ll inspire you with cases, tell you about the process and background of brand building. During the two days, we’ll produce a definition to enable you to improve coherence and efficiency, as well as clarify your brand building and management. These will help you brief and manage your partners, such as advertising agencies and production partners.

Has your growth outpaced the building of management systems, indicators and tools? We’ll produce with you a requirement assessment and an analysis of the situation, a plan of the right tools and processes for the task at hand, and how to roll them out. We’ll assist you in organising for the next development step and provide a temporary resource in the new situation, as needed. We’ll also compile the necessary metrics to assess progressboth in in-house and client work.

We can also do a customer satisfaction survey to support the development project – either as a part or a stand-alone deliverable.


Startups are often in a rush to get products to market. A go to market strategy consists of defining a target audience and a position for your product, as well as selecting channels – both communication and delivery channels. Utilising the GTM strategy, you can test out your assumptions, change direction (AKA pivot), adapt, innovate and be agile. We’ll be there to help you on your way to revenue and eventual commercial success.

So, why does a startup need a brand, let alone a brand strategy?

A brand is much more than a logo or a slogan. It is the most effective way to form a meaningful relationship with your client. It provides consistency to  designing how you, your business and your products and services are interacted with at all the relevant touch points: purchasing, using, servicing and recycling it, at sales pitches, in business cards, on your web site or social media pages.

A well designed and executed brand enhances the value of your startup. It will grow interest in your company, ease financing rounds and increase the odds of your commercial success.

Your product is outstanding. You could take it to any market on the planet. The challenge is to decide and prioritize – what to focus on, what to package into a bundle, who to sell it to, and how to communicate this to the market. We offer tools to help you decide.

Take part in our business modules. We’ll cover the critical things in affordable, practical packages. Our intensive day themes are:

  • Numbers.  What does a fledgling, growth oriented company need to understand about business numbers? We’ll cover (and produce) cash flow projections, get a better grasp of financing needs and instruments, gain an understanding about product and customer profitability, business scalability. We’ll walk you through the profit and loss statement and discuss the key ratios.
  • Brand. We’ll inspire and clarify your understanding of why and how you build your brand into a clear and strong one. We’ll facilitate you to produce a working definition for your brand, that will simplify and provide consistency, help you both in building your brand and in briefing existing and future partners. We employ our own proven, practical tool We’ll also produce a few candidates for your brand value proposition to further shape and perfect with your team.
  • Sales and marketing. How to organise for starting up and ramping up sales and marketing. What tools do you need, which channels to choose, how to plan activities. How do you measure and drive sales? How do you estimate the necessary cost budget?
  • Pitching. Every time you try to convince someone, you pitch. You are going to need financing, partners, sales and marketing channels, employees, and, yes, especially, paying customers. We’ll shed light on how humans make decision under uncertainty and how they change their behaviour – using, among others, a Nobel prize winner’s theory. We’ll co-produce a pitch for you, employing a method from Stanford university. You’ll practice pitch and learn from the other teams on the day. We guarantee that after the day, your pitch, your expertise in pitching, and your abilities to cope in pitching situations have improved considerably.

The days are run with regular intervals, you can take part in any order you like. A single day costs 200 € / participant, if you decide to commit to all four straight away, the price is 500€ total /participant.  In case you want to bring a larger team, contact us for pricing.

Start up

Long days 42%
New way of thinking 72%
Business numbers 53%
Productisation ready 33%
  1. Background info

    Interviews with key personnel to gather base information

  2. Workshop

    In Workshop we make important findings, crystallise ideas and create vision

  3. Purku ja työnjako

    Havainnot ja löydökset puretaan toimenpiteiksi

  4. Check-up

    Follow and guide the process with monthly check-ups

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