The best companies focus strongly on their core. This is a necessity. As a result, time and resources might not always be available for challenging the inertia of conventions and conventional thinking. We do not presume to know your business better than you do. What we offer is an outside expert’s second opinion, enabling a fresh approach and new ways of thinking.

A second opinion may be related to competitve strategy, brand strategy, or internationalisation. We possess solid expertise in these subjects, as well as tried-and-tested tools and an attitude to discover the crux of the matter. The second opinion we offer scales from an afternoon’s ventilation session to much larger, more structured development projects. When necessary, we are able to act as a temporary resource to take on the extra workload inherent to certain situations like a growth project, a merger, or the like.

2nd Opinion is a specialist consultant, assisting its clients in business strategy, brand strategy and internationalisation.

Jussi Paasio
Jussi has been involved in startups since mid-nineties, back when it was most unfashionable. The businesses have spanned industries from…
Pekka Silvennoinen
Pekka has worked in fast moving consumer goods business for 30 years. Roughly half of that time he has been…
Topi Tuominen
Topi has done internet- and technology-involved work since the new media boom at the turn of the millennium. His responsibilities…


Pat Keane

PatKeane_site_bw_tinyPat is a senior level business professional. He has perfomed in demanding positions  in both general management and in marketing, in Ireland and internationally. Pat possesses broad experience in developing businesses, brands ad products, and he Is a big believer in the significance of passion for success. He has gained a long history of entrepreneurial attitude and position in his own business – in manufacturing, and in services and retail.


Toni Kauppila

tk_foto01_50Professor Toni Kauppila runs his research-led architecture practice, ND. He’s also the director of spatial and furniture design of the National Academy of the arts in Oslo, Norway. He has taught from 1999 at Aalto University in Helsinki, as well as several other  universities  around the globe  including a visiting professorship at TAMA in Tokyo. He combines research,  teaching, and practice to a continuous laboratory, developing social and entrepreneurial properties employing a design-led approach. He has founded a research unit called the School for Unforced Errors to look into these. His architecture and design have been internationally awarded.  His recent clients in Finland include Marimekko and Stora Enso.


Andreas Hertzenberg

Anreas_bwAndreas is a versatile business professional with a strong international background in fast moving consumer goods, management and startups, Andreas has an MBA from a prestigious French school, and more than a decade of international experience. He has gained an exceptional understanding in brand building, business development strategies, and technology usage in defining value propositions and enhancing value chain efficiency.  Recently, he has founded an international fmcg business, which he now leads.

United Kingdom

Ian Gillard

IMG_0399-Ian_bw_tinyIan is a highly experienced business expert, who has an extensive base in fast moving consumer goods. He has held senior positions in sales, marketing and general management. He has an exceptional perception of how local and international retail operators, as well as brand owners. Recently, he has worked successfully coaching several word class companies and helping executives and executive boards build their potential and reach their objectives.


Anna Pobidynska

IMG_0487-Anna_tinyAnna is an experienced brand strategist, with extensive experience both in the food and   telecommunications businesses. Anna’s specialties are branding, brand positioning, consumer insight, and integrated marketing communications. Anna has a Master’s degree from  Warsaw Business School.

united Kingdom

Prof. Dylan Jones-Evans, OBE

Dylan_250_bwDylan works with us on international consulting and development engagements. He is an accomplished academic, entrepreneur, and consultant.  His specialties are growth, strategy and entrepreneurship -his main job is on the professor’s chair of strategy and entrepreneurship at Bristol Business School, UWE . His Wikipedia page has more.

International network

Our projects have been focused round Finland, Scandinavia and Northern and Western Europe. We have a growing, international network of people and companies we’re able to tap into as the client’s needs and situations dictate. Below you’ll find examples of partners that we have worked with recently. We don’t have everyone listed here -we have good reason to believe we can address most client needs flexibly and appropriately. Our network obviously keeps on growing and being updated.

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