2nd Opinion


2nd Opinion

We offer an expert Second Opinion when an organisation needs outside insight and experience. This can take the form of a one-day workshop or a far-reaching strategy development process. We scale the Second Opinion to meet the need of our client – we are able to tap into our agile, yet extensive network of resources.

Examples of situations that warrant a Second Opinion:

  • Strengthening competitive strategy, realigning the competitive position
  • Brand renewal, refocusing a brand
  • Go-to-market for a product or service
  • Target market expansion
  • M&A


From time to time, a claim is put forward that Finnish companies possess only a very limited ability to cooperate. True, cooperation is challenging, but it’s by no means unheard of, even among Finnish companies. It works best in the areas of logistics, procurement and sales. Sharing experiences and sparring are often done in different areas of client marketing, this could include sharing resources. As the strategic challenges that organisations face are certainly not diminishing, we at 2nd Opinion decided to do something. We started to offer Retail Clinics in 2015. We invited a group of companies, sharing same kinds of needs and challenges in both consumer inspiration and retail channel relationships, to participate.
We also organise Brand Clinics as well as Digital Clinics according to our clients’ needs. We take the business numeracy of e.g. client service directors or account directors to the next level at Business Number Clinics.


Advisor resource

2nd Opinion offers its customers a temporary resource – able to support strategic renewals, turnarounds, m&a, coordinate marketing efforts in a market expansion, etc. in a situation where an organisation might not have, or want to have, the necessary resources or experience in a challenging situation. We are able to support the creation of a digital strategy or roadmap, and its execution. We can coach an organisation to achieve commercial success and develop and help run the necessary network of expert service providers.

Our experts possess a wealth of experience in the following fields:
•    Business development, from strategy creation to execution
•    Directing international sales and marketing
•    M&A
•    Deep familiarity with a wealth of marketing service providers
•    The retail environment and its development
•    Successful exploitation of the digital environment
•    Entrepreneurship, business management, non-executive board engagements
•    Coaching, teaching, facilitation
•    Directing and executing market research
•    Business numbers

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